Complete Billing Solution

How does Everest A/R receive my claim information? We can receive data electronically, via the Internet, direct access, paper, etc.

Is Everest A/R compatible with my software?  Can Everest A/R provide software?  Yes to both questions.  Everest can work with all software.  In addition, we can lease our software (if needed).  All you need is a PC and Internet connection.

Will I be able to see my accounts, account notes, etc?  Yes.

What kinds of reports does Everest A/R offer?  Everest offers a wide range of reporting possibilities. If you cannot find the report you need, customized reports are available.

How will Everest A/R work my claims?  We receive your charges on a daily basis and claims are billed electronically every day.  Our clearinghouse immediately “kicks back” claims that are incorrectly submitted, reducing denials and delayed payments.  If claims are not paid within 30 days, our claim consultants begin collection efforts with the insurance payers and do not stop until every collectable dollar has been recovered.  Between the billing department, follow-up team, auditing process, your account rep, and the President, your claims are tracked monthly in a standardized process that ensures your practice is reaching peak reimbursements every month.

Can Everest A/R bill my patients as well? We send 2 statements after patient balance has been determined for our full service billing clients. If desired, we can place your delinquent accounts with MJ Altman or your preferred vendor based on your defined criteria, saving your staff time.

How much do I pay Everest A/R?  Everest fees are generally contingency-based. There may be a small per claim charge if manual entry is required. Between reducing overhead and exceeding past performance we have proven to be a more cost-effective option for our clients.


What Our Clients Say About Everest A/R