It Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Does your staff have the time and skills it takes to follow-up successfully on unpaid claims?  Are your $200 claims being worked as thoroughly as your $2,000 claims?  Did your transition to EMR or 5010 leave your staff with TWO systems to manage?

Is there uncollected revenue that is not even being worked? Are you in jeopardy of LOSING that revenue???

money tree

You can place your unpaid claims with Everest A/R Management on an ongoing basis.  We will wrestle with the insurance companies and spend those countless hours on the phone to free up your time and resources.

Everest A/R Management goes the extra mile by:

  • Calling on each and every claim; no mass re-bills or blanket appeals
  • Splitting our claim consultants by payer – our staff are payor specific experts
  • Staying current on laws and policies affecting healthcare reimbursements
  • Ensuring the payer is complying with your contract – we are authorities on managed care parameters
  • Providing onsite staff to ensure seamless, independent operations if necessary
  • Providing you with a monthly Issues Reports identifying behaviors that stall collections – and recommend SOLUTIONS.


What Our Clients Say About Everest A/R