Everest has been in business for over 19 years and is based in Gainesville, Florida. The company founders originated from careers in patient financial services.

Everest is staffed with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Both our management team and claim consultant teams have an incredible knowledge base to draw from.

Our staff is well trained, time tested, and driven to succeed.

For this reason, Everest excels with every type of medical client, regardless of specialty, current software, charge type, or the size of the project.


Everest has earned an excellent reputation within the healthcare industry for thorough and accurate work on all claims. 

As a result, we consistently outperform our competitors.


Our team has Inpatient/Outpatient/Emergency room hospital, urgent care, ASC,  RHC and multi-specialty physician experience. 

Our consultants are experts by payer and maintain current knowledge of payor changes and billing guidelines.

Customer Service

Our clients are provided a personal representative to contact for questions as needed to assure satisfaction. 

This allows our clients to develop a more personal relationship with us, and is time efficient for our clients as well. 

There is more than one resource at Everest and if the person you need is not available any of our collection staff can help.


Our range of services allows Everest to customize a financial solution to meet your current and future needs.


We provide detailed monthly reporting on your total A/R. We can emulate your current reporting or design a custom report to meet your needs.

We feel it is important to identify and resolve issues that stall effective collections. It is our mission to inform you of these issues and provide effective solutions. 

A detailed issue report identifying provider credentialing, payor and reimbursement issues with examples is standard in our month end reporting.


The company’s founders have a passion to exceed client expectations by delivering superior results. 

Everest has thrived due to that determination and will continue to do so in the future.


Because of our staff’s commitment to quality, our consultants treat patient calls with the utmost courtesy. 

Our staff is fully trained and compliant with the newest HIPAA Privacy Standards, as well as the HIPAA Electronic Transactions and Code Sets Standards.

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