Complete Billing Solution

At Everest A/R Management, we offer a full range of medical billing and coding services.

We understand that all medical offices and practices are not the same.  We work with our clients to design a customized solution that not only meets your needs, but exceeds them. We optimize customer service and efficiency to build a seamless process.

Let us focus on the billing,  A/R, and administrative challenges while you focus on patient care and clinical quality. 

Clean-Up Projects

Do you have a backlog of aged insurance claims?

Are you contemplating a system conversion and are concerned about the old A/R?

Perhaps you've realized your staff just doesn't have the time to work the aged claims due to the volume.

Maybe you want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh…whatever your reasons for considering a clean-up project, Everest can relieve you of your burden.

Ongoing follow-up

Are you short-staffed? Do you have a backlog snowballing?

Everest can do the insurance follow-up to free up your staff's time, allowing them to concentrate on the current claims.


With our extensive background in patient financial services, we can help guide your staff and internal processes to be more efficient and effective.

This translates to higher revenue for your organization.

Staff Leasing

Anticipating a staff member's leave of absence? Has one of your staff been in an accident?

Don't allow your business process to get bogged down because of a staff shortage!

Because of our background in administration, hiring quality employees is quite familiar to us.

Let us help you sail smoothly through your personnel shortage!

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